Avid followers of my adventures will recall the recent opportunity I was given to experience the stunning 2019 Bentley Continental GT a few months prior to its global release.  Driving on some of the finest cruising roads in the world between Austria and Italy allowed me to truly appreciate how far Bentley has gone to develop its latest grand tourer. Certainly best-in-class, the freedom of having an open top on a long Spring drive always has a certain excitement to it.

In Spain, I was fortunate enough to hit the road once more with Bentley’s latest creation, and so why not share my sun-filled, 626bhp cruise from Marbella to Sevilla with you.

It is at the prestigious Marbella Club Hotel that I discover the new GT Convertible for the first time. As with the coupé, the exterior design is as aerodynamically fluid as it is visually pleasing. This is not easy to accomplish when incorporating a folding roof. However, the designers at Bentley have managed to execute this flawlessly, ensuring that when the roof lowers, the exterior and interior blend effortlessly together.



Once inside the car, you realise how unique and sophisticated the new Continental GT is. The cockpit has been redesigned, creating a harmonious combination of wood and leather hide which of course can be fully customised by the owner upon request.


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