EMPEROR – 8-bedroom Penthouse

Our new high-end project is named after Mount Ararat, which is famous as the place where Noah’s Ark came to rest in the Old Testament. You can do the same by dropping anchor in Limassol and settling in ARARAT Grand Residence – and there is nothing like it in Cyprus.

ARARAT Grand Residences is one of the most successful projects of Cyprus Developers Alliance. The complex differs from all others, owing to both excellent location and exceptional external and internal features.
As all other projects by Cyprus Developers Alliance, ARARAT Grand Residences has its own distinctive style and distinguishing character. However, as you can judge for yourself, we invite you to a virtual tour, inside and out, of the ARARAT club residences.

Common features:

  • The complex is being built in the eastern part of Limassol, next to the new and the most prestigious Amara hotel, as well as the famous Grand Resort, Elias Beach and Park Lane hotels. ARARAT Grand Residences is located directly on the promenade on a plot of 8,000 m2, in the most expensive and prestigious area of Limassol, Amathounta, near the St Raphael Hotel and marina. In addition, perhaps the most popular restaurants of the city are concentrated in this area.
  • Guarded fenced area with the 24-hour CCTV surveillance and 76 parking spaces.
  • Bricks for the internal and external wallsare used instead of plasterboard (gypsum), as it offers a greater degree of both privacy and security.
  • Landscaping was designed by the London-based company Boon Brown, known for their iconic style.
  • The building, in Art Deco style, is fully cladded with natural polished travertine and ivory marble. This is not only for aesthetical reasons but also due to the fact that it keeps the internal room temperatures comfortable at any season. This is combined with a supply and exhaust ventilation system utilizing heat exchangers, in a manner which simply did not exist in Cyprus before.
  • The residence has only 16 apartments, and is crowned by the 8 bedroom penthouse, a real “villa in the skies”, with a fireplace, a large infinity pool, a winter garden, a separate internal elevator and a terrace with stunning 360° panoramic views of the coast and mountains.
  • Britain and Liverpool not only gave the world the Beatles, but also a team of brilliant creative Architects working on ARARAT Grand Residences and this is our ninth project with them.
  • The integrity and richness of the interior and exterior design, functionality, ergonomics, elegance, the appearance of a slender building rising into the sky with a solid base tapering towards the top, as well as the inner splendor and luxury of the interiors will satisfy the most demanding tastes. ARARAT Grand Residences provides its residents with the infrastructure, comfort and charm of a 5 * luxury hotel.
  • Sea views start from the first residential level. The upper floors offer stunning views of Limassol and its surroundings, the vast expanse of the sea, merging with the sky on the horizon, as well as the peaks of the Troodos mountain range.
  • At road level there is a commercial zone, the spacious Piazza Armenia, created in the best architectural traditions of the historic cities of old Europe. We will reveal just a few features of this part of the project: semicircular ascents with stairs and balustrades trimmed with natural tuff, Venetian street lamps on cast-iron posts with wrought iron patterns, highlights of light in fountains, benches among lawns and flowers all in the shade of trees.

In the evening, the beautifully lit Piazza Armenia, leading to the ARARAT Grand Residences, is designed to become a new attraction not only in Limassol, but also throughout Cyprus. At the same level there are the haute cuisine restaurant, spa, beauty salon, sauna, hammam, massage rooms, a heated indoor pool, a cigar lounge and VIP bar for club members, a wine boutique accomplished in the style of old Italian cellars and a delicatessen shop. To the west and east, the piazza smoothly opens into private patios, hidden from prying eyes, where in the atmosphere of a tropical garden immersed in greenery and filled with fresh plants and gurgling water, the terrace of the haute cuisine restaurant will be located.

Also provided for are parking facilities for residents (36 spaces), as well as separate parking for visitors to the restaurant, commercial area and for guests (40 spaces). Taking one of the elevators to the next level.

A distinctive feature of ARARAT Grand Residences is that you can arrive not only through two formal, semicircular stairs from the west and east side of the piazza or parking, but can also take off along the majestic flyover by car directly from the promenade, through a controlled entrance, and then leave from the opposite side. The main entrance to the reception area is decorated with a majestic and massive canopy with carved elements on steel cables in the style of Art Deco.

We are walking into the lobby, enjoying a variety of expensive marbles in elegant shades of beige, malachite and cream. There is a reception on two levels, where residents can take advantage of concierge services for their convenience and comfort; for example, apartment rental, cars, caring for clothes, ordering food, flowers and drinks, laundry service, security – in a word, full range of concierge services. We exit to the internal patio. Here is an outdoor 25m half-Olympic size pool with an area of 250 m² (25x10m) and with it a lounge area, pool bar and a children’s pool. There is also a tennis court, a park and a playground together with a gym and locker rooms. We rise higher. Apartments are located on the 3rd and 4th, from the 6th to 8th, from 10th to 12th and from the 15th to 18th storeys.

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