Dedication to delivering exceptional service is at the core of our commitment to our clients. We love what we do, every essence of it, from the possibility of an unimaginable outcome to the fine details of deal-structuring. We live and breathe real estate.

We believe that clients deserve more – more competency, more care, more focus. Simply put, Constantinos Elia Services & Emerald Realty offers a higher level of service and a greater depth of competency.



A fine art advisory and consultancy service that works with the most prestigious artists, galleries, museums, auction houses, and art fairs around the world. We also run a unique Patron program that engages art collectors and enthusiasts in a dynamic, inspirational seasonal itinerary of revered art experiences, exhibitions, and events.

Choosing fine art pieces clients will love can be a challenge. It’s not just about selecting the right painting or sculpture, it’s about choosing a work of fine art that perfectly balances your client’s aesthetic tastes, goals, and budget.



Every flight is special, so it is important that the plane you take live up to your expectations. We can offer various solutions, depending on the number of passengers accompanying you, the flight distance, and the destination airport. The relationships with our customers and business partners are our priority. Therefore, we don’t make empty promises.

Our professional attitude indicates the constant willingness to act whenever the customer needs it, the ability to react quickly in unpredictable circumstances, special diligence in preparing flights, and high-quality customer service.



Opt for a memorable sailboat your of the Dodecanese islands, a journey in the Saronic Gulf, a tour of the Sporades or Cyclades, knowing that you will enjoy a special experience in breath-taking landscapes, dazzlingly beautiful sites endowed with magnetic charm, such as Athens and Corfu, a sophisticated nightlife, and an exciting agenda of summer events.

While families with children have plenty of tailor-made offers to choose from for a luxury Ionian yacht charter, the Cyclades beckon with beautiful destinations that are relatively unscathed by tourism – like Folegandros and Andros – and countless retreats that can be accessed only by the sea.

A four-day cruise in the Aegean Sea is not complete without stop-overs in Santorini and Mykonos. A yacht cruise in Santorini unveils the best sunsets in the Mediterranean to appreciate in Oia, perhaps after a little shopping at some of the many luxury stores and before a delicious dinner at one of its exclusive restaurants.

Mykonos is a clubbing hotspot and one of Greece’s busiest and most popular destinations, featuring famous beaches like Paradise Beach and Paraga, to hit after a regenerating weekend on a yacht featuring every amenity, to make your Greece cruise perfect and unforgettable.

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